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Thavma Therapy – non surgical botox- The latest breakthrough in Cosmetology erases wrinkles without the use of surgical intervention and succeeds in restoring skin’s firmness with proven effectiveness. Thavma Therapy uses EFFECTOX technology that inhibits the mechanisms responsible for the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, it provides protection against the main types of aging such as biological aging and photo- aging.

Chronos Therapy – non surgical fillers- The latest breakthrough in preventing and repairing the effects of aging, without any intrusive surgery or injections comes from Chronos Therapy. This treatment repairs the marks of aging left on our skin through time and acts as a shield. Direct activation occurs each time outside elements disrupt the sensitive biological balance of our skin.

Opsis Therapy – non surgical eyelid lift – Delay the need for upper eyelid surgery and open up the look of your eyes, lending a more youthful expression with one of the latest innovations in Cosmetology, boasting proven effectiveness. This therapy contours the eyes and inhibits the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles, whilst reducing swelling and dehydration, through activation and reinforcement of the natural function of cells around the eye area. This is achieved using the state-of-the-art technology of ANTITOX.


Caviar Therapy- This ultimate anti- ageing and firming treatment with Salmo Ovum caviar, Omega- 3 and Omega- 6 fatty acids. Caviar is rich in proteins, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, providing the skin with essential ingredients vital for the preservation of cellular integrity.

AHA Therapy- This treatment offers intense revitalisation, exfoliation, hydration, firming and regeneration, using a combination of AHAs and multi action active ingredients. As a result, this treatment has a broad and highly effective result.

Hyaluronic Therapy- This moisturising treatment is based on hyaluronic acid. It offers deep and long lasting skin hydration, promoting the production of new cells and inhibiting the effects of free radicals.

DNA Repair Therapy- This treatment aids in the restoration of skin structure, using a specialised synergy of cell regenerating ingredients. It is ideal for the treatment of premature aging, photo- aging and acne marks.

Proteinous Lifting Therapy- This alternative potent lifting treatment is based on proteins. It invigorates the skin, toning and restoring firmness.

Acne Therapy- This efficient, rapid and reliable acne treatment inhibits the action of acne causing bacteria. It exerts potent microbicidal action and contributes to the elimination of inflammations and irritations.

Oily Hydra Therapy- The water balance in oily and asphyxiated skins is restored through this treatment. The control of oiliness and reduction in skin irritation is achieved in this treatment, whilst hydrating the skin.

Sensi Therapy- This treatment aids in combating skin irritations. It is ideal for skin cleansing, sensitive skin, broken capillaries and the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis.

Chocolate Therapy- This is a treatment of the senses used to promote skin health and well- being. It is ideal for tired looking, dull and sensitive skin.

Rejuvenating Therapy- This treatment offers hydrating and calming elements for all skin types.

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