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Getting manicures and pedicures are the typical girls’ day routine, but is there more to this ritual than creating anails brows lashes time for gossip? Absolutely. On top of the benefits listed below, manicures and pedicures take stress away from self-grooming and create a more pleasing persona in public, for both women and men. As an added advantage, the health benefits of manicures and pedicures are numerous.

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What are the benefits?

The benefits of manicures are more numerous than most people believe. Besides being a great day out of the house, they are a relaxing way to de-stress after a long week. Manicures keep your nails healthy and clean. You’ll have the benefit of checking hangnails for fungus or other infections. Keeping your nails trimmed at an appropriate length is a necessity for keeping healthy, strong nails as well. Manicures keep hands smooth and soft, which is particularly important during the cold and blustery winter months. These benefits combine to make more welcoming hands that are positive features for a business person or anyone working with people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a manicure include?

manicure pedicure
Manicures often include a combination of a variety of techniques and treatments. We have many different manicure packages. You’ll be able to choose a package that has what you need, for the price you want. We also provide “men” manicures and “woman” manicures that are specifically designed for your needs. We encourage our clients to tell us the unique qualities of your skin and nails so we can treat your needs more appropriately.

Luxury Manicures includes hand massage, exfoliation, cuticle treatment, paraffin wax treatment, cut, file, buffing, and an application of nail polish to finish it off.

Gel Manicure includes cuticle treatment, cut, file, buffing, application of gel polish and cuticle oil and hand lotion application to finish it off.

Standard Manicure includes cuticle treatment, cut, file, buffing and an application of nail polish.

Mini Manicure includes cut, file, buffing and application of nail polish.

What are the benefits of pedicures?

Pedicures have many of the same benefits as manicures but for some, pedicures are even more important because of the pressure your feet are constantly put under. A good pedicure can prevent infections and diseases in the nails, as well as reduce the amount of odour your feet exude. Pedicures encourage renewal by removing the dead skin that encourages corns to sprout. This removal also encourages softer feet that will stay healthier for longer. Of course, the massage can’t be forgotten. A gentle foot massage can relieve tension and decrease pain from constant use that will leave you feeling lighter on your feet for days.

What does a pedicure Include?

Like manicures, pedicures vary from spa to spa but generally include an assortment of some or all of the treatments listed below. These treatments are a foot soak, exfoliation, nail trimming and grooming, cuticle treatment, foot massage, moisturising, and nail polish. Again, you will be able to choose from different packages. You may also find that some spas have their “speciality” treatment that is unique to that spa. Pedicures are specifically designed to remove dead skin and decrease the damage done to such an important body part, your feet.

Luxury Pedicure includes the Spa Pedicure treatment (spa jets, foot massage, exfoliation, cuticle treatment) plus paraffin wax treatment, cut, file, buffing and an application of nail polish to finish it off.

Spa Pedicure includes the use of our spa pedicure chair, hydration, exfoliation, and cleansing of the feet and toenails by removing dead skin cells. This service is normally accompanied by a foot massage to rejuvenate the skin and relax the muscles of the feet.

Standard Pedicure includes cuticle treatment, cut, file, buffing and an application of nail polish.

Mini Pedicure includes cut, file, buffing and application of nail polish.

Is there any difference between the ordinary pedicure and a spa pedicure?

There is a big difference between spa pedicures and ordinary ones in terms of benefits, procedures involved and cost. An ordinary pedicure simply offers the aesthetic benefits of having beautiful toenails. However, a spa pedicure offers both aesthetic and health benefits because it also exfoliates and hydrates the feet. The procedures involved with spa pedicures are also more elaborate with the number of processes involved. Since it is a more complex procedure, it is also more costly than an ordinary pedicure.