Express Rejuvenation Facial

060713-3What is an Express Rejuvenation Facial?

This is a facial rejuvenation treatment which is ideal for those in a hurry who want to fit it in with their busy schedules. The treatment is tailored specifically to your individual skin type and we will take into account any skin concerns that you may have.

Summary of Your Treatment

Procedure Time: 25 minutes
Back To Work: Immediately
Full Recovery: Immediately
Results: We recommend a course of 6 facials for optimum results
Risks & Complications: Possible soreness, redness, allergic reactions

If you have any other questions about the express facial, please contact us at [email protected]

Treatment Price:  £45

For optimum results we recommend you undertake a course of 6 facials – this can be discussed at your consultation.


Who is the express rejuvenation facial suitable for?

This procedure is suitable for any clients who wish to improve their skin, but have limited time to do so. All ages and skin types can benefit from the express rejuvenation facial!

What if I want a more comprehensive facial treatment?

We offer a variety of facial treatments. Why not try our Nu Skin Ultimate Facial, a treatment with products that are much loved by the celebrity world.